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Excellence in media-training, messaging, and public relations since 1988.

The Information Age is over.
The Communications Era is here.

Computers, the Internet, social media and constant connectivity have brought us an unceasing flood of information. But getting your voice heard and your message out over the noise has become increasingly difficult. The ability to communicate is key, whether you’re talking one-on-one or to thousands of people.

Craft a story strong enough to cut through the flak in today's digital overload.

We’ll help you develop your individual or corporate messages and practice them in a supportive environment. Customers, investors, or a skeptical press: get through to all of them with crisp messaging.

We've helped hundreds master the interview and create compelling stories.

Don't fret, we’ll help you develop messages and sound bites that will stay with viewers, listeners and readers. We’ll show how to create a compelling elevator pitch, a 60-second version of the story you want to tell.

MSG Communications Services

Media Training and Message Point Development

MSG Communications has offered media training to potential spokespeople since 2001. Groups of up to four executives get ready to meet the press in stimulating four-hour sessions.

The video-based training program prepares clients for media exposure such as in-person, telephone and television interviews, press tours, tradeshows and crisis situations. In a challenging but enjoyable session, you’ll learn what the media is looking for and how to address their needs as a spokesperson. We’ll show how to create an agenda and support it with message points.

Interview Training and Preparation

MSG Communications helps individuals prepare for difficult questions and indifferent interviewers as well. In a challenging but enjoyable session, you’ll create your own agenda for an interview and learn to support it with message points.

We’ll help you learn how to address the “open question” and put together an elevator pitch that will tell your story in 60 seconds. And we’ll practice with you via telephone or Skype until you develop a new feeling of confidence.

Writing Services

MSG Communications also offers writing services, using skills honed over 15 years with major U.S. publications. Capabilities include white papers, contributed articles, speeches and PowerPoint presentations.

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